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LATEST NEWS: Summer Holiday 11+ Intensive Courses starting on Monday 8 July 2017 and running almost every week in Purley (Croydon).
Particularly for the 11+ Joint Selective Eligibility Test (19/9/17) Wallington High School [Girls], Nonsuch High School [Girls],
Wallington County Grammar School [Boys], Wilson's School [Boys] and Sutton Grammar School [Boys],
and also for St. Olaves School [Boys] (22/9/17) and Newstead Wood School [Girls] (29/9/17).
Don't delay. Please apply now as places will be limited.
ALSO COMING IN SUMMER: 11+ Mock Tests almost every Monday and Saturday throughout the summer holidays.

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Have the comfort in knowing that you or your child will be taught by:

  • A practising Christian;
  • A tutor experienced in their subject;
  • A graduate educated to Degree level.

  • Our tuition is always open to everyone wishing to learn no matter what their faith (if any) or age. You or your child will be very much welcomed into our classes.

    Email: Help@11plusTutors.com
    Phone: 020 8668 7731 (Croydon, South London, UK)

    Although we are based in Croydon and specialise in 11+ tuition, we have many specialist Tutors in different subjects in the Croydon and South London area.

    Subjects About us

    Primary: 10+; 11+; English; Maths; Verbal Reasoning; Non-Verbal Reasoning; Science; ICT; French; German; Spanish; Common Entrance

    Secondary: 12+; 13+; English Language; English Literature; Maths; Further Maths; Statistics; ICT; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Geography; History; Religious Studies; French; German; Latin; Spanish; Music; Business Studies; Economics; etc.

    Adult/Business: ICT including Excel, Internet, Powerpoint, Word, etc.; French; German; Spanish; others on request

    Specialist: English as a Foreign Language; English as a Second or Other Language; Football; Tennis; Table-Tennis; other sports coaching on request

    Our teachers: Our tutors are all Christians from either Catholic, Church of England, Evangelical or other denominations. Our tutors are experienced in their subject, educated to Degree level or above and also police checked. Each tutor is requested to provide a reference from his or her priest, minister or pastor.

    Our tutors provide tuition either in their own homes, in their churches or in the homes or offices of the students. 11plus Tutors will make every effort to find the tutor best suited to your needs ensuring close proximity to your home or place of work. As well as 11plus tuition, we aim to provide tuition in most academic subjects and many modern languages from Primary to Secondary level and above throughout Croydon and the South London area.

    Tuition for Primary and Secondary School Children Tuition for Adults and Corporate Clients

    Does your son or daughter need help with their homework or additional support with their school work?

    Would you like to help your child but just don't have the necessary time or skills? Don't be concerned, help is at hand. 11plus Tutors are here to support you. We shall sit down with your son or daughter and do our best to remove any barriers to learning that your child might have. We shall encourage them and continually assess their needs to help them to help themselves and to progress further.

    Primary level: We can spend time with your son or daughter going through their homework with them, helping them to understand what is involved but without doing their homework for them. We can repeat spellings or times tables until your child has mastered them. We can listen to them read, helping them with pronunciation and explaining the meaning of words. Where the homework involves a series of questions, rather than just doing the questions with them, we can give them similar questions until they have fully grasped the concept. Thus they can readily go back to school with the knowledge and confidence of being able to answer these types of questions. We can also introduce your child to a language which will be very important to them in later life. Children learning languages often respond better in a group in which they can interact with each other as well as the teacher. Our 'language clubs for schools' and 'French with a friend' programmes especially cater for this particular need.

    Secondary level: Whether your child has just started learning a new subject or whether they have already embarked on their GCSE or A Level syllabus, we can help. If your child has just failed their mock GCSE or has a borderline pass then a more intensive programme of tuition is always possible in the last term. However, it is much better to plan well ahead and to start tuition well in advance so that your child is not only competent but also fully confident of passing.

    Common Entrance and Higher Grade GCSEs and A Levels: Naturally, we don't just cater for those who are having difficulties. If your child has a particular aptitude for learning we can bring them to a higher level by giving them more advanced material and helping them through this too. For example, you might like to have your primary school child tutored so that they can take Common Entrance Exams for entrance to the local Grammar Schools or Private Schools. Similarly, have tuition for your secondary school child so that they will take the GCSE Higher level paper instead of the Intermediate level paper. Remember also that an A* or A at GCSE level is always seen as better than a B or C when going for a job interview or applying for Sixth Form. Furthermore, an A or B at A Level is regarded more highly than a C, a D or an E by Universities and employers.

    We provide specifically tailored programmes for individuals, schools, companies or departments or business areas. These programmes can take place in your offices, conference rooms, school, church or home, or in the comfort of the tutor's home or church. We can train your teachers in ICT and how to use the Whiteboard effectively across all subjects. We can teach your Sales and Marketing department what to say in the required language when their clients don't speak or understand English sufficiently well. We can adapt our programme especially to suit your needs.

    1-1 and Group Tuition

    Most students prefer to learn on a 1-1 basis as each lesson is tailored specifically to the individual needs of the student and they work at their own pace. Many of our 1-1 students supplement their 1-1 tuition with intensive group classes in the school holidays. These intensive group classes very much complement the 1-1 classes, finding the gaps in the student's learning and filling these gaps as much as possible. However, some students like to share all their classes with a friend or small group of friends or work colleagues or even the rest of the family. This is particularly the case when learning languages, perhaps for school, for holidays or for business, or learning how to get the best out of various ICT software packages such as Word, Excel, etc. We have class sizes of up to six, and all students should be of a similar standard. We also provide school language clubs which often take place at the school in the lunch break or immediately after school. These class sizes can be up to 15. If your Primary School does not provide a language programme for your child then please contact us or ask your headteacher to contact us and we would be happy to come to your child's school. Some students studying other subjects also like to share. This is usually to keep down the cost, though we do advise you that anyone sharing a class is of a similar level.

    Intensive Tuition

    If you would like to improve rapidly then please consider our intensive tuition programme. Visit your local tutor daily or stay the whole week in the home of your tutor with full board and a bedroom of your own. During the week immerse yourself in ten to 30 hours of tuition in your chosen subject or subjects. Adults are welcome for intensive tuition at any time. Perhaps you'd like a week's holiday or study leave to brush up on a language or improve your ICT skills which are so necessary in the workplace. Children of school age, unless they're being home schooled, are welcome during the school holidays and during study leave leading up to their exams. Our next intensive tuition programme runs from Monday 2 to Friday 13 April 2012 whilst our summer programme starts on Monday 16 July 2012 and continues throughout the summer holidays.

    Costs Learn for FREE!

    The programme for each student is tailored specifically to your individual requirements. If you have any additional requests to ensure the comfort and happiness of you or your child whilst sharing in our learning experience then we'll be happy to consider them. Costs are dependent on your location, the experience of your 11plus tutor and the level of your studies, and of course whether you have private individual (1-1) tuition or learn in a group. Costs usually vary between £15 to £20 per hour each student for a group of six to about £30 to £36 per hour for 1-1 tuition, dependent on the level. Our 'language clubs for schools' programme costs about £6 for half an hour. However, so that we can accommodate students from all income levels we offer discounts and of course half-price and free places. We can therefore offer you this very special service at a very reasonable price - free for some of you - with the comfort for you of knowing that you or your child will be learning in a Christian home.

    Organise a small group of six students and your tuition will be absolutely free. Alternatively, arrange a group of four or five and your costs will be reduced by half. Similarly, find five other students to join our 1-1 programme - they don't have to have tuition in the same subject as you, they can be studying different subjects - and you will enjoy free lessons. The other students could be members of your church, school friends, school teachers or work colleagues. Maybe you can post a notice on your church, school or office bulletin board. Or perhaps your Human Resources department can come up with a few colleagues or make up a group for you to save your budget!

    Yes, you could learn for free!

    Discounts Christian Home stay Families Wanted

    Enjoy a discount of 5% when you or your child has three or more hours' tuition per week over a period of ten weeks or more. Two or three siblings from the same family can also benefit from a 5% discount provided that they have a minimum of thirty hours' tuition over a period of ten weeks.

    As well as wanting Tutors of English as a Foreign Language, our foreign students from abroad need accommodation in Christian homes. If you can provide a reasonably sized bedroom and three good meals a day, and of course be prepared to provide a wonderful Christian environment for at least a week at a time, especially if you teach English as well, then please contact us.

    Some students wish to stay in the UK to learn English for much longer periods and often offer Au Pair services. Similarly, if you can offer accommodation and food plus weekly pocket money and you would like to benefit from a Christian Au Pair then please get in touch.


    "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord not for men." (Colossians 3:23)

    Donations to Charitable Organisations Experienced, Qualified Christian Tutors Wanted

    Please note that we belong to the UK Evangelical Alliance and regularly support different Charitable Organisations such as the Evangelical Alliance, TEARFUND and WORLDVISION, who are responsible for providing aid to the world's poorest communities, and Christian missionaries in other countries.

    Demand for private tuition is often greater than its supply, especially in less populated areas, so there is always a requirement for more 11plus Tutors and tutors of other subjects. If you are an experienced, qualified tutor, and of course a Christian, living anywhere in the UK, then please contact us with your details and a reference from your priest, minister or pastor. Please be sure to send us a copy of your CRB disclosure.


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    We look forward to your enquiry and to welcoming you or your child into our classes.

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